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Sea and Relax

Our hotel is located in Cupra Marittima, by the Adriatic sea, whose fine sandy beach and clean water have been formally awarded with the “Blue Flag” since 1997.

The Adriatic coast with its gently sloping sea floor and wide beaches is an ideal playground for children as well as a pleasant relaxing place for their parents.

Moreover, the beach is well suited to enjoy and practice several sport activities, like beach volley. There are also the so-called “chalets”, namely stands where you can have a break for a snack or an ice cream.

The quiet Adriatic sea grants a refreshing relief during hot Summer days, when you can go for long swims or long walks.
Of course, we cannot help mentioning the trees along all the coast, offering shadow to people and a picturesque background to the cycling path along the seashore.

This is what Cupra Marittima and its beach can offer… but there’s much more! Here you will experience a perfect blend of relax and fun.